UneoTM sensor, or Micro-Deformable Piezoresistive Sensor, is a technology developed for force sensing applications requiring a slim and light form factor. Incorporating various patent-pending microstructure and surface engineering innovations, the device achieves unprecedented versatility and reliability to satisfy your performance and cost expectations. 

UneoTM Characteristics:
  • "Measure-at-will!":Slim and flexible profile, coupled with our ability to deliver custom-shape sensors, allow you to rapidly add force-measurement capability to any surface you want.
  • Wide measurement range:UneoTM sensors can accurately resolve force of a gentle finger touch as well as heavy-duty weight measurements.
  • Robust construction:our sensor has excellent lifetime and stability required for environmental requirements of various medical, automotive, and industrial applications.
  • Environmentally-friendly production:Printing-based fabrication consumes less material and produces no toxic byproduct.
UneoTM Advantages:
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  • Higher linearity and intra-sensor uniformity
  • Improved heat and humidity resistance
  • Enhanced inter-sensor variance from full QC inspection
  • Superior long-term measurement repeatability
  • Cost-effective
Standard Specification:


 Readout Type  Piezoresistive and Piezocapacitive
 Pressure Range  0.01 ~ 300psi (customizable)
 Linearity  R2 > 0.99 in operating range
 Service Temperature  -40°C ~ 75°C or higher
 Response Time      100us
 Thickness      0.2~0.3 mm
 Lifetime  > 10 million actuations