Uneo Inc. is a pressure sensor company with ability to design, manufacture, and implement system intergration. Uneo sensors are involved in various fields, such as consumer electronics, sports, medicals, wearable devices, and industrial equipments. Sensors of Uneo Inc. are all made in Taiwan.

Diversified Applications


By using the screen-printing technology, Uneo ultra thin sensors could be highly customized according to customers' requirements, including dimension, pitch size, pressre range, etc.


Uneo sensors provide real-time measurement data and the pressure distribution data of static and dynamic situation. Uneo sensors could be applied to any products that need pressure analysis or pressure sensing function.

Standard Products

Uneo provides a variety of standard products with single point senosor, matrix sensor, and demokit.

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Uneo Flexibe Pressure sensor has gained a great compliment all over the world due to the unique technology and the productive products.

Exhibition Information

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